One cool museum!

When I rode across Canada 3 years ago with Bob, I used to hear that I wasn’t stopping enough to check out the museums and other cultured spots. Boy if those museums were half as cool as the USS Midway, I would have stopped in a cool museum.JPG


The F14 Z Tomcat

Back in my college days I played in a band which once or twice a year, would play dances at the Comox airforce base. The F-14 Tomcats were always one of my favourites. The ship had planes and helicopters on it from 1945 when it first went into service to the 90’s.F14 tomcat.JPG

My reward came true!

I have been telling people for years all I wanted at the end of the ride was a Mexican beer and a margarita. We waited until we rode back to our hotel, dropped the bikes off to get boxed up and got cleaned up before going out to celebrate. 48 days of riding since leaving Whitehorse May 15th, putting 5386 km on my trusty bike. I need to thank Tim, Dave and Steven for joining me on this big ride. (And my wife Shirley who lets me do these crazy rides in the first place.) Now it is 3 days to enjoy some down time before flying home Wednesday. I’ve already starting preliminary planning for the next bike ride to Haida Gwaii. 😀my reward came true.JPG

Time to turn around

Now that we had made it we had to turn around and ride back 30 km to San Diego. The plan of staying at the KOA didn’t work out, but in the end staying that extra day camping in San Elijo meant we rode through normally busy roads on a Sunday instead of a weekday. Plus not staying a Saturday night in San Diego saved us $300 US.time to turn around.JPG